Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am not a winter person. As a kid, I did and loved it all: ice skating, sledding, cross-country skiing... Now I can tolerate the snow up until Christmas. I loves me a White Christmas. After that, as far as I am concerned it can all go away. Not a cold-weather person, no-sirree!

I am thankful for the January thaw we've been experiencing here in New England. Isn't it amazing the shift in perspective? When it has been bitterly cold, and is suddenly in the 50s it's hard to resist running around in light jackets, coats unzipped, etc. In the summer, when we've all been melting, if the temperature suddenly hit where we've been lately I would be quaking and protesting: I'm cold! I wish there were an easy way to regulate one's internal thermostat. If anyone has a recommendation, please pass it along!

As Daniel still protests items like hats, boots, mittens - it has been a welcome respite there as well. I'm also enjoying the sunshine tremendously. We've been known to get whomped with snow as late as April, so I'm determined to get it while it lasts!

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