Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Cupcake Conspiracy

I am becoming convinced that H must have whispered in the ear of both my Mom and one of my bestest buds. Not only did I get for Christmas The Cupcake Deck - a set of 25 cards with mouth watering photos, and luscious cupcake recipes - but also a silicone muffin tin and a set of silicone baking cups.

My waistline may be protesting, but I'm relishing the thought of baking again. And I'm sure that Daniel will love the funky sprinkles (stars, moons, dolphins...) that Pamela included too.


Edward Ott said...

I gained 15 pounds over the holidays and am eating only oatmeal for lunch and breakfast right now. so yes i fell your pain.

Pamela said...

A little cupcake never hurt anyone... just remember to share!