Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So I was reading something online the other day that pretty much said that 15 of the last 22 days around here have involved rain. It's damp when I get up, wet when I go out, drippy when I go to sleep. Throw in some general overcast gloominess that has me turning on the lights in the middle of the day and I feel like I'm frantically paddling to get my mood upstream at the moment.

This was not helped by landing in the hospital again last Friday/Saturday. Part of this was planned. During my last emergency visit in early May they left a stent behind. This endoscopic procedure was to remove the stent, and darn near everyone assured me I was going home. One of the first things to make it through my fluttery, coming-out-of-anesthesia brain was the little tidbit that they were keeping me until Saturday.

Apparently they found more pieces of the gallstone, did a balloon sweep to get those out, incisions to widen the duct further... all of which necessitated my sticking around to be watched. I remember just crumpling. It was suggested I treat it as a rest break, and I tried. But reality is sharing a room, sharing a bathroom, curling up in bed with an IV in my arm. I just wanted home and family.

Daniel seems to take these interruptions in stride. He asks after me, but they keep putting me up in the pediatric ward which has a toy room - which is quite naturally pretty interesting to a 3.5 year old.

I'm now home - bruised up and sore, but doing OK. No food/diet or activity restrictions. And so very ready to be done with this whole thing. Sunshine is coming, I know it is.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Brain on Summer

Summer, feh! I've got no excuses, really. June has been cool to cold, and raining. I bought Daniel a Slip-N-Slide to try this year, but in the grand tradition of experiencing drought as soon as you buy a kid some rainboots we have yet to use it. Where is my summer???

My scattered summer brain has started and stopped a number of blog posts that couldn't seem to get beyond a "cliff's notes" stage. Like:

- Driver beware! At least in Massachusetts, the state police are pulling over cars to enforce the "move over" law. (If there are police, emergency personnel, etc. at the side of the road you are obligated to move to farther lanes.) I understand the law, but man did we fall into a ticket trap last week.

-Must find more activities for the 3.5 year old this summer! If we are leaving one activity, he wants to know where we are going next. I find him running laps of our tiny deck when we are at home. Any recommendations?

-Tickled to find the Retro TV Network on one of the random Comcast stations that I don't usually frequent. Magnum PI/vintage Tom Selleck has helped me wind down the past few nights after the kiddo is in bed. Anyone want to volunteer a favorite vintage TV show that you can't help but watch? Particularly one you haven't seen for awhile?

Tonight I am off to a Thirty-One purse party with the girls, and to perhaps drink a margarita. Hopefully to usher in SUMMER!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Relishing the Dirt

Some days I marvel, and wonder what would I do without the Internet. I can hop online and find the phone number for my mechanic (urrgh, yes, the car needs more fixing.). Or I can map out the route to that new bookstore that has a story hour that Daniel might like. A bit of information overload led to my finally discovering and (somewhat) mastering the art of using a feed reader to keep up with posts on my favorite blogs and stay a bit organized.

In an effort to keep my own little corner of the Internet organized, I have been keeping a separate blog at Relishing the Dirt. Accessible via the top tabs here, it is where you will find tips, advice, giveaways and reviews. I enjoy passing along fun products we've tried, like the Build-a-Bear Workshop or telling you about the new breadmaker I've been trying out. Or even giving you the heads-up about funky contests that have tickled my fancy - like guessing Mrs. Butterworth's first name. Recently I was contacted by about doing a product review. They sell items as varied as kids bedroom furniture, decor and a multitude of playthings. They look like a good spot to do some hunting for that perfect item for your kid. Stop by! I hope to have more good things soon!

Sunday, June 07, 2009


H has been setting me free for some bits of "me time" lately, and I must say that it has been kind of delicious. There was a night out with the Moms at the local pub, that involved many drinks, munchies and lots of laughs. Pamela and I spent another night feeding our girlie sci-fi geek selves by seeing the new Star Trek movie. (Go see it! Great action! Excellent cast!)

Hoping to grab some outdoor fun today. Perhaps the beaches of York, Maine again. Daniel loves to run on the sand, in the wind, jump the waves. I grew up by Michigan lakes, and love the water. While I find the Maine coast a bit cold for my taste (see: jumping into an ice bath) - I do enjoy strolling the beach and breathing in the salty spray.

Wishing you a Sunday - and a summer - chock full of your own blissful moments.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Feel the Burn

One of my favorite shows returns tonight, 9pm. Burn Notice features sexy, savvy characters, and lots of fun spy stuff mixed with a healthy dose of humor. It's actually shot in Miami, and the city itself lends lots of flavor to the show. If you haven't caught it already, check it out! I can't wait!