Tuesday, January 29, 2008

NASCAR - Toddler Style

Uncle Andy gifted us with a set of NASCAR cars this past Christmas. Matchbox-sized, they are plastered with all sorts of advertising, just like the real thing. As well as the usual driving them around the house and carrying them everywhere, Daniel has turned them into an amazing memory game of sorts.

In the month-plus since Christmas, Daniel has handed me a car and said "cheese." When I looked down, I saw that it was the car with KRAFT emblazoned on its' tiny hood. The car with the AOL advertising has become the " 'puter car." And he was getting supremely mad/frustrated with me the other day when he wanted his "Em Car!" and I couldn't find it. In a "Mommy light bulb moment" I suddenly realized he was talking about the M&Ms car that he had been carrying around all the previous day. He has also handed me the same car and said "chocolate." After I was done getting knocked off my feet at each of these incidents, I reasoned that while we were unwrapping presents at Christmas I think I was explaining what each of the little cars had written on them. And he remembered.

I had better be pretty careful to mean it the next time I promise him cookies or something.

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Pamela said...

That is awesome!!!