Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Meme-ing my way to a new profession?

I was tagged today by the lovely Sara at My Happily Ever After with a "career meme." I surprised myself by needing to take some time to ponder my answers. The question is: if you had the opportunity to do a 1-year internship at a company or in a field different from your current company or field or specialty - what would be your top 5 choices? Here goes:

1. Director of the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. Here I could wildly indulge my love of all things fantastical.

2. Director of the Rodin Museum. I love Rodin's sculpture as well as that of Camille Claudel. I think it started when I saw the wonderful movie on Camille Claudel's life starring Isabelle Adjani. It only continued when I got to visit the museum during my time living in France. Breathtaking pieces... and one can only mourn the work that Camille is reported to have destroyed.

3. Ben & Jerry's ice cream taster. I am borrowing this one from Sara. Especially during this time of year, how can your thoughts not turn to ice cream? I am always tickled by their creative flavors... And that noise you hear is H stomping his feet in the background and screaming BRIGHAMS!

4. Beekeeper with my own line of honey and honey products. This one would probably surprise those who know my "ick" factor for bugs. My Grandpa T was a beekeeper for many years, and we always had gallons of honey around the house... so I have fond associations. We even used small pots of honey as our wedding favors in 2000.

5. Bakery Owner. I lived in a tiny studio apartment in the 20th in Paris, and the ground floor was a bakery. It was heavenly! Most people giggle at the thought of my making actual meals, although there have been some improvements since the birth of Daniel. But I am a baker from way back...

And there you have it! I believe the rule is that I should tag 5 people for continuing this meme... I am going to depart from this and just say that anyone out there reading who feels so inclined - join in! Have fun with it! You may discover some interesting things about yourself!

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Sara said...

Great list! Beekeeper is definitely the most original I've seen. Thanks for playing along :)