Monday, July 30, 2007

BlogHer in the City

Whoo! In many ways I am still processing my trip to BlogHer 07 in Chicago. There was: lack of sleep, plane delays, zippy shuttles to and from O'Hare, shuttle buses to and from the Chicago City Centre hotel and the Navy Pier (as well as absent shuttles for each). There was also an intense conference about blogging with everything from technical tracks to sessions about "The State of the Momosphere" and finding your passion and the art of storytelling. It was interesting to me to note that one of the sessions that resonated most for me was regarding "Small is Beautiful" - the art and craft of small, personal blogs. moderated by the beautiful artist Jen Lemen. I am wondering where that notion is going to take me and my writing.

There were also many vendors, and much "swag" - I think my suitcase was twice as full when I returned home. On the second day I sat down with a group for lunch with Jillian Michaels of The Biggest Loser fame - a lunch sponsored by AOL Body. There was a cocktail party each evening, the first on the Navy Pier rooftop with music by the fantastic Christine Kane... and the second at the Chicago Children's Museum. Oh, and the closing keynote speaker was none other than Elizabeth Edwards.

And there were many many bloggers. Estimated at 800 or so... I bumped into Valerie from Disorderly Conduct my first evening in Chicago. Roomed with the lovely Shawna... and giggled over pizza from Gino's East with Shawna, Kim and Marilyn the last evening before dragging off to bed as three of us had abominably early flights the next day.

All in all - a whirlwind of a trip for my first time away from Daniel. I missed both Daniel and H terribly... Phone pictures were enough to make me teary-eyed. But wow. What a ride.

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