Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Even before he was born, Daniel would get hiccups: a little popping sensation usually near my left hip that never failed to amaze me. I've lost the link, or I would include it here but there was recently a news story about a poor woman who had hiccups for months. Whoo - can you imagine?

I once had hiccups for an entire weekend. Let me tell you, after a few days I was clamoring at my doctor for something to Make it STOP! There are medications to try. The Iowa woman who went for months turned out to have some sort of allergy.

This blog will have a little hiccup soon as I run off to play at Blogher in Chicago. It's a wonderful chance to meet some of these fantastic bloggers I've been reading for awhile and learn tons of new things and just have fun.

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Pamela said...

Almost as bad a heartburn the hiccup.