Friday, August 28, 2009

Hurricane D

Before I had Daniel, if anyone had ever told me that my kid could make me cry frustrated, upset, angry tears I probably would have laughed. Little did I know! After a particularly harrowing afternoon of the two of us at odds over every... single... cotton-pickin'... thing... I finally sat on my bed for a good sob. Something had to give, and apparently it was me in that moment. Up until my little man stopped his own fussing to meekly walk in and hand me a tissue.

Recently had some strides on the potty-training front. Great ones - but we have hit this sort of middle-ground, impasse: Peeing on the potty like a champ, yet insisting on a Pull-up for any other business. No amount of bribery is swaying him. Talks excitedly of when he will get this or that (currently a Star Wars figure), but when it comes to the moment it's a Pull-up or no go. Any tips from folks who have been there about how to get past this?

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