Wednesday, September 02, 2009

All in an 8 Gallon Tank

Condo living limits our available space, options - and often even a desire to have a pet. Daniel got a fish tank for his birthday from Grandma and Grandpa. Setting it up has felt a bit like an exercise in how to do everything wrong. Put the fish in too soon, whoops - we're supposed to have a heater? Two out of four fish croaked by the first morning.

Lucky for me we haven't had them long enough for any real attachments to develop... Had the two remaining guppies for a week or two, and while I've been trying very hard not to overfeed them I couldn't help but think they were acting strangely. Steeling myself to find them belly-up in the near future I went to feed them the other day. Only to find a mini-cloud of nine little fish babies buzzing around the tank! I pointed them out to Daniel, but when I went to peek at the tank after lunch the whole lot of itty-bitties were gone. Apparently they were yummy? Ack!

Daniel puzzled over things when my parents lost their dog Sophie. We even had our own (imaginary) dog named Sophie who came to hang out with us for awhile. I'm just grateful to have skimmed over the hard questions on this one so far... but the guppies are still acting strangely.

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