Saturday, August 08, 2009

Early Riser

It used to be that I got up early to get some early morning "me" time before the Mom stuff started. Summer has defeated that as Daniel has an innate internal clock that seem to tell him the moment we have daylight. Typical rising time is 6/6:30am, even with blackout curtains in the room!

I don't remember having too many food throwing battles when Daniel was younger. I suppose it is always possible that I blocked them from memory, but the battle has always been will he or won't he eat it vs. where is it going to land. So why, now when he knows better, do I get him upending his (luckily dry) cereal bowl on the carpet before handing it to me?

Our town has a hot air balloon festival this morning. Close enough to wave, and chat with - these folks barely cleared our chimney!

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