Sunday, February 24, 2008


Daniel and a little girl we met at playgroup have taken a shine to one another. It's nice, because her Mom and I have met outside of playgroup now, as well as just coordinated times to visit in the playspace. I like the consistency, and it is fun to hear Daniel pipe up with, "Where's Marisa?" He's still in that stage where he plays around other kids, but I am seeing more and more actual interaction. I found the two kids flopped on pillows in the reading corner and giggling together the other day, and wished I had brought a camera with me.

And we Moms can use it to our devious advantage at times, when it comes to easing transitions from one activity to another: Oh look Daniel, Marisa and her Mom are leaving! Let's go too! (And vice versa.) Someone (usually Marisa, I think) suggests holding hands and Daniel thinks that's OK, so we all grab hold and troop in a conga line out the door to the cars. No fuss, no muss - Yay!


I finally caught up with Pamela, one of my bestest girlfriends, the other evening for a dinner out. She and I met at work years ago, and have been friends ever since... A general gabfest over crabcakes and short ribs and followed up by a luscious "peanut butter thing" dessert is good for the soul, don't you think?

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