Friday, September 07, 2007

Snips and Snails

There is a debate going on here at the DmF household. And I am firmly on either side of the fence depending on which day you talk to me...

Daniel turned two years old last month, and except for a mini bang-snip here and there so that he could see, he has yet to have a haircut. I get more and more (especially from the grandmas at the grocery store): Oh, what a pretty little girl. Or parents on the playground watch their kids interact with Daniel and I hear them use the pronoun "she." I was all set to charge right over to the local kid-cuts place when today no less than three people complimented me on his blond curls.

Anyone have any experiences/war stories they'd like to share about their kid's first haircut? We still have rolling/screaming/wrestling matches over the daily tooth-brushing and occasional fingernail/toenail clipping. So the idea of getting anywhere near him with a pair of scissors is somewhat intimidating.

Of course, I may also be just holding onto this last little bit of his official "babyhood."


Pamela said...

HHMMMM well may be different with girls (my worries were more of when is she going to grow hair and stop being called "he" by her own great-grandmother) but you may want to keep the curls while you can, because once they have that first haircut, they look soooo grown up. Both girls had pretty good first haircut experiences- I think because it was someone other than Mommy they sat still- then again it could be the chair shaped like a car, the Dora DVD playing and the promise of lollipops too.


Sarah said...

Take him to one of those "especially for kids" haircutterys--like Snip-Itz. They have all the gimmicks to trick your little one into sitting still just long enough to get a haircut.

Or else try dum-dum lollipops. Those ALWAYS work for my boyz. So what if they injest a little bit of hair while they're sucking away?