Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Mom Escape #137

Anyone who knows me knows by now that I LOVE all things science fiction and fantasy: movies, TV, books, you name it. (And just check out some of the selections in my sidebar...) I've even been known to watch some pretty awful stuff just to get that fix. Of course this sometimes results in my wishing for that hour/two hours/other random segment of my life back once I'm through. (Or looking back at some of the stuff I watched in the 70s and 80s and wondering What was I thinking?) But that can't deter me... All this was true pre-Daniel and continues even now.

The BBC has gotten on the bandwagon, and the newest entry at BBC America is Torchwood. A spin-off from Dr. Who, this series follows a team of people in Cardiff, Wales investigating alien and human crime sometimes using borrowed alien technology. I caught the first episode this past week. There is a bit of an X-Files-ish air to it, and I think it has possibilities. Stay tuned...

I highly recommend an escape into some mind-bending/worlds colliding/otherworldly stuff if your days are filled with diapers and wipes and (shudder) Barney.

(And in other geek moments: Did you hear the title of the new Indiana Jones movie? It's Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.)

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Pamela said...

I did! A little outdated and not quite The Temple of Doom.... but v. much of the flannel one.