Thursday, September 20, 2007


A big thank you to the guys who started mowing the lawn around our complex yesterday at 7:45 ayem thereby ensuring that the toddler won't sleep in.

I poked my head in the door and he popped up like a jackrabbit saying, "Noise! Cut grass!"
I love Fall in New England. There is a crispness to the air, pumpkins, apple picking, Fall colors. H and I even married in October. While it was tempting to try a costume wedding, we went for Fall splendor in an old church complete with pew boxes and a reception at an old New England home in the area.

I'm facing the coming winter with a bit of trepidation, however. Daniel is a bit of a bear if I don't get him out somewhere each day to burn off a bit of the toddler energy. H is of the "just bundle 'em up and get 'em out" strategy. Personally I find that harder to do the colder it gets, but then I'm a bit wimpy when it comes to the wind chill. Any ideas what to do in the wintertime other than replacing the living room furniture with a jungle gym and climbing wall? I'm trying to get prepared here.


Rachel said...

I love fall too. I'm envious that you have a real fall.

One of my rainy-day activities is a play tent. I hide it away most of the time, then drag it out on a day when we'll be at home. I also put my daughter in the bathtub to paint, which makes cleanup a lot easier.

Pamela said...

I agree with the bundle up - so long as you get a good snowsuit and by good I mean flexible. Many a time I dressed the girls in their bulky suits and hats and mittens with layers under it all - brought them outside and

it was Randy Parker time!

No fun when you can't move.