Sunday, November 01, 2009

Underwater Adventure

Our fishy saga continues. One of the two guppies went belly-up awhile back. I've been content to sit back with the one fish, so imagine my shock when there was a new crop of little fry several weeks later. Remembering the disappearance of the last batch of babies, we scooped about a dozen out into a little bowl that sits on the counter in the kitchen. The ones remaining in the tank seemed to disappear after a bit.

Peering into the tank a week or so ago I discovered at least four more babies. Either they were very good at hiding from the carnage, or Mama Guppy had a few more!

Can a fish be perpetually pregnant? How long are guppy pregnancies anyway? I've been thinking of reintroducing the babies as they get a bit larger and hopefully some will make it. In the meantime I'm just grateful that I haven't had to explain to my little man why the fish he named Daniel keeps having offspring!


Shawna said...

Awesome! But how many fish can one bowl handle?

Christibear said...

Your female guppy can continue to birth fry for six months after her last mating with a male guppy. For more pregnant guppy facts visit
Good luck with your fry. Try putting the fake short grass at the bottom of the tank, fry need to hide as they are apparently pretty tasty even to their moms!