Monday, November 16, 2009


Simply put, I'm a bit of a couch potato.

No, I take that back. I don't shy away from active things, but I prefer them to be activities themselves. I grew up water skiing and swimming, riding bikes and ice skating, playing softball... one of my favorite Christmas memories is the year the entire family got cross-country skis and that became a family activity for awhile.

Even though I know I need to exercise, talk to me about going to the gym or running or something and I can feel my shoulders go into an automatic shrug. It's just not all that appealing. (H, on the other hand, gets grouchy if he can't work out at least every other day.) So I was a little bit surprised to find myself at a local dance studio recently with a few friends to give Zumba a try.

I was even more surprised to find - I think I like it! Latin and international music, combined with (mostly) easy to follow moves - Zumba keeps my heart rate up. I feel good and energized when the hour is over. Even better, our energetic instructor is low-key and very adaptable and encouraging. I like the reassurance that if I'm having trouble with a move to, "Just shake it! Move to the beat! Have fun!"

Me and my lack of rhythm may have actually found a workout routine. Yay!


JD at I Do Things said...

Hi, Susan!

I'm a Zumbaholic. I started at my local Y about 3 years ago and haven' stopped shaking it since. I try telling all my friends: You don't HAVE to be coordinated. Just move to the music! Have fun! It's the best non-workout workout every.

Our instructor greets us with "Who's ready to PARTY?!"

And the response is deafening.

julie @ the calm before the stork said...

I love reading posts about potato-types like myself who have found Zumba. Have totally considered trying it, based on your endorsement (and others). So far have only searched local gyms (from couch) to see who offers it, but soon, soon I may actually join one and try it!