Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Wheels on the bus...

(Boo on Blogger... no matter which way I type, insert picture or publish this post Blogger is deleting all my line spaces. Sorry about the hard-to-read format. Hopefully this will wear off by the next post...)
Do we have a boy in the house, or what? Our house is starting to resemble a parking lot, as Daniel is in the midst of a full-fledged obsession with anything wheeled. Car, truck, tractor - you name it. He heads out to the driveway during our walks and marches around cars like a little inspector, patting the tires and touching the emblems on the front and back.
Trash day has suddenly become an event, as Daniel must head for our deck to watch the huge truck rumble through, lifting bins overhead to dump bags into the back.
I have a class scheduled for him once a week at 9:30am. This week, at quarter to nine, the boy was still snoozing. Ordinarily I subscribe to the philosophy "let sleeping babies lie..." But we had places to go! So I walked into his room, opened the blinds, started rustling around saying, "Hey sleepyhead..." His little head popped up, sleepy eyes opened, and he looked at me and said, "Car???" So I suspect that there are even a few motorized dreams creeping in there...

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