Sunday, September 01, 2013

We gonna rock down to...

So yes, my new town has an Electric Avenue.  And I find myself humming this chorus every time I drive by...  It also has:  multiple instances of bear sightings noted in the local police blotter.  Note to self...  no bird feeders!  Apparently they attract bears.  There are lots of crickets and peepers.  Lovely to listen to at night, until they creep into your basement and chirp directly under your feet at top volume.  There was also the skunk that kept breaking into the garage until we spread some mothballs.  (Thanks Google!).  Everything we worried about with the new house when we bought it is currently not a problem, but surprises and head scratching things keep cropping up.  I wish properties came with instruction manuals as part of the buying process, seriously!

And my big fret... pulling my 8 year old out of school in our old town, and having him start over at a new one (I'm uprooting my child!) appears to be progressing smoothly.  There was a slight incident of getting on the wrong bus to come home the first day, but we worked that one out.  D's been very positive about the whole thing.  Now to establish some "Mommy roots" as I still feel a bit adrift...  But hey.  It was 12 years at the last place.  We're at the very beginning of this new adventure!

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