Wednesday, May 01, 2013


How to emerge from this - I hesitate to call it "lost" time?  Stuck on an island like in LOST?  No black smoke monster here, unless you count my mood from time-to-time.  Limbo?  Ten months of trying to sell our home of twelve years, and I expected to be settled by now.  Instead we are in temporary housing.  It eases Daniel's way as he finishes school, and yet leaves all of us suspended.

So many things to weigh.  Towns with schools we like, have limited choices we can afford.  Many of the things we can afford come with lots of work needed.  Scoot out further there are nice towns/schools/houses, and H winds up with a monster commute to work.  We can't seem to make things line up.

Home is so much more than the structure you live in, or the location.  If anything, this sojourn back to apartment living with kids in tow has helped remind me of that.  Yet I feel as if I'm casting about...  trying to find our place.  Still holding my candle up in the darkness.

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