Thursday, November 01, 2012

Oh, to be 2 Again...

Where can I bottle the confidence of a two year old?  Ethan wakes in the morning asking for "D" cereal and his cup of milk.  Unfortunately for Mommy he seriously discovered the candy this Halloween season.  My insistence of:  We'll eat lunch first, and you can have a piece for dessert...  is met with "NO!  No lunch."  He'll enter the room and turn off the television for you.  He turns into a baby yoga master of epic proportions if he really doesn't want to be buckled in a car seat.  Today he spent part of the afternoon in a winter coat riding his "schlow-schlow" (big wheel) out on the deck since he simply had to, even though it was 46 degrees out.  The toddler negotiations are rampant around here these days.

And yet, I can't help but admire my boy's confidence in the rightness of his world.  And hope to take a page from his playbook for myself from time to time.

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Anonymous said...

To bottle the energy a two year old could sell it for millions