Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Busy, Busy

Where is the summer going?  Somehow July just got crammed with busyness - the Fourth led to a week of Cub Scout Adventure Day Camp.  Daniel had a blast outdoors all day getting to try stuff like archery and BB's... and get a little braver about his swimming.  Directly following camp we spent 9 days to and from visiting Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Andy in Wisconsin.  Always lovely and relaxing, if only it weren't bookended by 2 days each way of hard driving.  Upon our return we began vacation bible school.  That was capped by a weekend of "family camp" with the cub scouts.  (In the rain.)

I just looked it up.  School starts August 29th.  Eeps!  I need some serene lake time for an eensy bit longer.

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