Thursday, November 03, 2011

We Have Liftoff!

Ethan has been a stubborn little booger when it comes to things like walking.  He seems to get sort of stalled at each stage of the game.  I can remember when he was "commando crawling" around and it seemed like he'd never get his belly off the ground.  Now he's been crawling and cruising for quite some time.  Each of our pushes to do any walking seemed to be met with an attitude of:  Feh.  Why do that silly stuff when I can crawl around here so much faster?
We're finally seeing him initiate some steps all on his own, which sends us cheering.  I'm trying to remind myself too, however, to not wish each stage away.  It's those little milestones that take your breath away, when you realize they have suddenly slipped by you...  the last time breastfeeding, the last bath where they fit in the sink, the last word they sweetly mangled in such a cute way that you had to keep it...  Savoring these precious times.

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