Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Just Because

I've had this picture floating around for quite some time. Thought we would start November with a clean slate and a funny/adorable pic!

I've been away from here for much longer than planned. October ran away with me with Cub Scouts and karate classes, school and homework, chasing my youngest and his food issues... All excuses, excuses. If I honestly stop to think about it, I've been falling into my old perfectionist habits regarding my writing. Wanting it to be perfect as it flows onto the page and allowing that to paralyze me. I need a kickstart to allow myself to just be writing again, however imperfectly. Many folks use November as National Blog Posting Month - NaBloPoMo. Not sure if I have the gumption to "officially" sign on, but I thought I might set myself the challenge. Here's to November!

(This little fella is an orphaned albino seal. If I remember correctly, he was found somewhere in Russia and was being cared for... I've since lost any credits I had pertaining to the photo/story, and will add them if I (or someone else) can find/provide them.)

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