Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Toddler Fashion

So my hair is finally long enough to be put into a real pony tail this summer. This has resulted in screeches from the toddler of: No Hair! NO HAIR!! ...until I pull the pony tail holder out.

And the kid who spent all winter taking everything off his body now hands me the following assortment of items when he wants to get dressed: sweatpants, long-sleeved tees, sweatshirts, his fireman rain coat. Stand back! Commence with the meltdown when I try and talk him into something just a tad bit on the cooler side.

And the kid who wouldn't wear a hat all winter now won't leave home without one. I'm a little more relaxed on this, as at least it gives him some sun protection. I do try and talk him out of the plastic Fireman helmet, however. The last time he took it off his head he looked as though he had gone swimming. Grandpa's fishing hat looks very cute!


Manic Mom said...

Hi! My Mahala was & is the same way. At 8yrs old in 100= weather she wants to put on her ski outfit. I kid you not! Last year I went to Sams with her in a darn ski jacket. Not once did she complain. And when everyone stared I flashed a HELP ME Look & got many "I understand" smiles back!

Momo Fali said...

Ah, the battles of dressing your kids! My nine year old still can't seem to match her clothes and I am always telling her to go change. I hope we are finished with these issues by high school!

Pamela said...

Our biggest issues are shoes --- get this I, me, yes me, finally gave in to three + years of begging from my 6 year old, of me hearing over and over well so and so (every other female they know) has them, and I bought them - flip flops!

Yes I did. Of course they can only wear them in the house, but they are happy.