Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Somehow, I didn't anticipate leaving this space for so long.  The end of 2011 and the ushering in of 2012 seemed to be determined to kick my behind.  The croup/hospital stay morphed into a round of colds for everyone.  Getting better led us into a round of a nasty stomach virus for all four of us one by one.  And I started allowing some of my gremlins to creep in.  Mired in illnesses and the day-to day dealings with them I started wondering if I had anything to say.  My voice felt whiny and complainy and "poor me"-ish.  I didn't like listening to myself, let alone put such stuff out there for others to have to deal with.  This naturally led to my perfectionist gremlin rearing his pointy little head.  If I couldn't write perfectly then it just wasn't happening.  Frozen.

We've been finishing out January of 2012 with all of us coming out of yet another nasty cold.  And rather than the balance that I used to try to achieve, I'm struggling with the varied threads of my life.  Sister, daughter, wife, mother...  aiming to weave the bits into the creative soul I'm reaching out to become.

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