Thursday, January 27, 2011


How do I do this again? We keep adding new wrinkles to this "sleep in a crib" business. Ethan has slept in the darn thing, but the slightest peep around the house wakes him up. The other day? When I (oops) let him fall asleep in the chair? Big Brother Daniel could run screaming from one end of our little condo to the other, and Ethan hardly twitched a muscle. I think the circles under my eyes are developing circles from all the up and down, interrupted sleep. I want to grit my teeth and power through this, but I think I'm getting a little loopy from the incomplete sleep schedules.

And Ah, lovely New England has gifted us with what the news has called the 6th storm in as many weeks. I'm not sure, I've stopped keeping count. We're at 60+ inches of snow which is more than the average for an entire season. And it's January. I cry Uncle!

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Goddess in Progress said...

Hey, just happened on your post from a BlogHer Ads link.

Sorry the transition to crib is tricky! Do you have any white noise in the baby's room? I found white noise (kinda loud) made a big difference in not having to tiptoe around the house when the baby sleeps. Mine seemed to sleep better that way.

Hope that helps and you get some sleep soon! We did CIO with my twins at that age, and I suspect my turn will come again when my new-baby-to-be hits that age in the Fall!

Hang in there!