Friday, July 09, 2010

Babywatch 2010

Ugh, and ugh again. Two non stress tests a week, plus an office visit. Baby is doing beautifully. Mommy not so much. My official due date is July 24th, but I am really hoping to not go so far at this point.

I am big. Maternity clothes are no longer fitting. The feet are finally puffy so shoes aren't fitting either. I've got the pregnancy waddle down pat. The stairs to the condo have turned into a struggle, and I can't get comfortable sitting or standing (or lying down) any one way for very long. This means that I am up several times a night, every night, as the hips start to ache and I need to change positions.

The belly has been exceptionally heavy and tight today. Nothing has felt "timeable" or like it was progressing anywhere other than making me uncomfortable, so I have been sort of riding it out. Usual non stress test tomorrow morning, and I will probably grab the doc and see what she says. We started discussing induction at the last appointment, but that would still be at least a week away, I think. Ack! Somebody find me some relief!

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