Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Daniel has always been a kid who liked participating in crafts. We've recently seen an explosion in drawing around our place. Sweeping crayons, vibrant colors - and even some figures emerging. Some are helped along by the "draw a dinosaur" video we recently found at the library. I'm loving it - only thing is, I think I am going to have to hide the computer paper. Mr. Observant kept his eye on where I get the stash for the printer, and has started helping himself every time there is a new creation in the works.

I may be fooling myself, but with my first pregnancy I seem to remember more of a - call it a gradual expansion of my figure. This time around, I'm feeling like I rolled over one day and poof! Clothes don't fit, and I'm starting to lumber a bit. Add to that, I'm experiencing the hip pains sooner as well which is making for some interesting late nights as I try to get comfortable and get some sleep.

We've had several days now in the 50s, which has led to park visits. It's glorious to get outside! As I drive Daniel to preschool, there are people out and about who are tending to their yards and doing various out-of-doors projects without having to be bundled to the gills. It's a very anticipatory - Spring feeling, which feels wonderful!

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