Monday, October 19, 2009

The Complaint Department

So we've been doing this potty-training thing, and it's going swimmingly during the daytime. We're still working on the whole dry at night thing, and so I popped a Pull-up on Daniel the other evening before getting his PJs on. He proceeded to get a rather odd look on his face, and start itching at first one leg and then the other. I finally peeked, only to see strips of what looked almost like packing tape on the leg elastics of the Pull-up.

Huh? And I've actually pulled two out of this package with the same problem. Where in the past, I might have simply thrown away defective product I am going to sit down and write a (nicely worded) complaint email to Huggies/Kimberly-Clark.

The Internet is a great tool for this. Where in the past, the complaint process could be laborious and time-consuming Internet communication greatly shortens the distance between company and consumer. I've had two instances over the past several years, both food-related, where I felt a complaint was in order. I bought a tub of margarine once, only after a knife-full or two I discovered a hollowed out air bubble in the center. Enough of the margarine was gone, that I felt I had not gotten what I paid for. In another case I bought some cookies-n-cream ice cream. Got it home, to find two tiny cookie bits in a sea of vanilla. Again, nothing wrong with the ice cream - but certainly not what I'd paid for. Both times, after inquiring emails to the companies, I received apologies and coupons for free product. Over and above that, I had the feeling of being heard and certainly a stronger inclination to give these companies' products another try.

I'm off to start writing.


Shawna said...

Let us know what comes of the complaint!

Susan S. said...

The result of my complaint (via email)...

Thanks for your e-mail about PULL-UPS® disposable training pants with LEARNING DESIGNS®.

The material that you found is a splice tape which is used during the manufacturing process to attach the end of one roll of material to a new roll. This is done to avoid stopping and starting the machines. Since any product with a splice should have been automatically removed before packaging, it is difficult to explain why that did not happen in this instance. Please accept our apologies and our assurance that we will do our best to prevent this from happening in the future.

We hope that you will continue to use PULL-UPS training pants with LEARNING DESIGNS and are sending you some coupons through the mail. Thanks again for contacting us and for giving us an opportunity to make amends. We value you as a customer.