Monday, September 29, 2008

Sounds Like...

(beep, beep, beep - insert backing truck here.) Isn't it amazing? Some sounds are wonderful and precious. Daniel's first laughs that never failed to crack us up. We termed them "laugh in a bag" because of the indefinable quality that made him sound like he was making noises with his head in a paper bag. Even though he, of course, wasn't. All this past week I have been listening to the beeping sounds reminiscent of a reversing truck outside our condo. Except that it is some sort of construction crane that just beeps constantly and is making me crazee!

Some sounds you can just tune out. My apartment in Boston came complete with a squadron of bats that flew around outside. Their high-pitched squeaks were oddly comforting. My parents' first place when they moved back to Wisconsin had a pond out back, and night would fall to a symphony of frogs. I'd stay up listening out of amazement. I still get a little thrill out of picking up the phone to find H on the other end. And who hasn't been comforted by the sounds of a crackling fire in the fireplace or awed by the BOOM! of fireworks on the Fourth of July?

Wish me luck. Today we're listening to a wood-chipper outside our place.


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