Saturday, December 16, 2006

It's never what you expect...

In an effort to embrace my Grandma's "dirt makes fat" philosophy... (it sounds much more exotic in German)... I try not to be a "hovermom" at least around our house. One of Grandma's last little nuggets of wisdom, I was fretting over Daniel's trying to eat something he shouldn't when she rattled off a German phrase. "It means 'dirt makes fat'," she smiled. Sort of a German version of "eating a little dirt never hurt anybody" - and not to worry because kids get into everything.

Anyway, our place is mostly babyproof... and I can usually tell what Daniel might be into just by listening. I was getting ready to go out with him the other day, when things got awfully quiet. I poked my head into the other bedroom, to find Daniel wiggling his tongue. He reached into his mouth, and calmly handed me... a live ladybug.

It's never what you expect...

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Pamela said...

I had one of those first year calendars that you fill in the dates and it had stickers for 'milestones' and one of them read "Oops, I ate a bug."

Well bug and boy are both ok so no harm done, right.