Friday, November 03, 2006


Reading and books have always had a big place in my life. From a pretty young age I devoured everything I could get my hands on. I remember that in first grade they started sending me up to second grade for reading because I had already done everything they were working on. This wasn't without difficulties... I had many a bleary-eyed morning after I had spent the evening reading in bed (just one more chapter!) and found myself still awake at one am. And despite my love of books it was difficult to get them for me as presents because even if I didn't own something I had invariably checked it out of the library and read it already.

A childhood favorite of mine is The Dark is Rising series of books by Susan Cooper. I checked each book in the series out of the library many times over... They were a fascinating blend of (then) present-day England and Wales and English/Welsh mythology (and Arthurian legend). I won't go into great detail here except to say that these were my "Harry Potter." And to highly recommend them still. This person here at The Lost Land has done a pretty extensive examination of the series and of Susan Cooper's other works as well. And I also will say that these books are responsible for my wish to see Wales (and I will get there someday!).

I hope to instill a love of reading in Daniel, but we have yet to move out of the "book destruction phase." Meaning books are good for bashing, throwing about, ripping and pretty much chewing on until they are very soggy with bits falling off of them. I will keep trying!

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Pamela said...

He will get past that phase and then you will be reading all the time!

"One more chapter".... sounds familiar.