Monday, October 02, 2006


I'm trying to remember if I ever had what the baby books would term a "lovey"... a toy or something that goes everywhere, and gets lotsa lovin' a la Linus and his blanket. Maybe Baby Beans, which Mom and Dad sent to me a few years ago... she's a pink-suited doll, with a bean bag body. I can remember being quite put out at one point when I was supposed to share her with my little brother...

We have a Linus in our house. Daniel LOVES the blankie my Aunt Anne made for him. It's fleece, and she crocheted the fringe which is perfect for poking fingers through, or dragging through baby teeth, or just rubbing between cute baby fingers. Blankie doesn't quite go everywhere... it usually doesn't make it out of the house except for special occasions. But I believe it is a big reason that we have him sleeping in his own room now. How about you? Did you have a special toy?


Pamela said...

Yep, I was the Linus in my family - I carried my Snoopy pillow case and favorite pillow.

As you know, we have a fifth family member in Natalie and "Kitty" is close to joining!

I like his blankie!


Anonymous said...

Zip the stuffed monkey. Before i was done with him I had chewed his fingers and crayoned his sneakers.