Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New Name

So, the new name of this blog comes courtesy of my 80+ years old Grandma Marguerite. We visited family in Wisconsin at the end of April/early May, and got to introduce the baby to his Great Grandma. I was fussing over something or other that he was trying to put into his mouth, when Grandma rolled a German phrase off her tongue... something I can't really remember hearing in all these years. "It means 'dirt makes fat'," she smiled. Sort of the German version of eating a little dirt never hurt anybody... Something I'm trying to remember as I roll with this new stay-at-home-motherhood. Less fussing, more fun!

I'm going to have to ask her again about the origin of the phrase: "That's where the bear went in the buckwheat..."

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Pamela said...

Hey Susan,

I love the new name! Like I said yesterday, I read once that the average person eats 2 lbs of dirt in their lifetime. Of course, my brother made sure of it in my case, he once made me eat a nice pile of dirt when I was four.

Blog on!