Friday, August 28, 2009

Hurricane D

Before I had Daniel, if anyone had ever told me that my kid could make me cry frustrated, upset, angry tears I probably would have laughed. Little did I know! After a particularly harrowing afternoon of the two of us at odds over every... single... cotton-pickin'... thing... I finally sat on my bed for a good sob. Something had to give, and apparently it was me in that moment. Up until my little man stopped his own fussing to meekly walk in and hand me a tissue.

Recently had some strides on the potty-training front. Great ones - but we have hit this sort of middle-ground, impasse: Peeing on the potty like a champ, yet insisting on a Pull-up for any other business. No amount of bribery is swaying him. Talks excitedly of when he will get this or that (currently a Star Wars figure), but when it comes to the moment it's a Pull-up or no go. Any tips from folks who have been there about how to get past this?

Monday, August 24, 2009

Heebie Jeebies

I don't get icked-out much. Probably a good thing in my house full of testosterone. When I was little, my brother and I used to go frog hunting with flashlights at night. In summer, the kiddie pool was often leaning against the house, and if you flipped it over the little buggers were usually hopping everywhere. Picking 'em up was a guarantee that at least one would pee in your hands. We caught turtles, dug for worms... I used to go fishing with my Grandpa and my Dad and could bait a hook. They taught me how to get fish off the line too.

Bugs give me trouble. I've been avoiding the humongous spider that has been lurking in the eaves at the corner of our garage. The recent torrential rains took down the web, but it's a determined bugger and was back today. Finally got a broom and tried to swipe everything down this afternoon. First time Daniel has been treated to a screeching Mama doing the heebie jeebie dance. I'm not sure he knew what to think! I'm trying not to transfer my phobia to him, but this one is tough... ever faced down a bug you're scared to squish?

Enough talk. Skin is crawling. Off to think happy thoughts!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Preschool is coming! A first for our household. We've talked up school, visited the classroom. We've even driven by any number of times, and Daniel has often pointed out: That's my school. Now that we are in the final days, I suddenly hear:

Will Marisa be there? (No.)

Will you and Daddy be there? (No.)

I don't want to go to school! I don't want to go there alone!

Urk! What do I do? He's usually pretty fearless when it comes to activities and classes and such. Tae Kwon Do has been something new, which doesn't include any of his best buds. Of course he also knows that I don't leave while that class is going on.

I'm off to calm my racing heart/head and think up reassuring thoughts/phrases regarding school. Any advice from those of you who have done this?

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Early Riser

It used to be that I got up early to get some early morning "me" time before the Mom stuff started. Summer has defeated that as Daniel has an innate internal clock that seem to tell him the moment we have daylight. Typical rising time is 6/6:30am, even with blackout curtains in the room!

I don't remember having too many food throwing battles when Daniel was younger. I suppose it is always possible that I blocked them from memory, but the battle has always been will he or won't he eat it vs. where is it going to land. So why, now when he knows better, do I get him upending his (luckily dry) cereal bowl on the carpet before handing it to me?

Our town has a hot air balloon festival this morning. Close enough to wave, and chat with - these folks barely cleared our chimney!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Mommy Survivor Mode

I was reading something this morning that referred to this as "the summer that wasn't." At least here in New England, the temperature has only recently climbed to a point where I'm switching on the AC. And still we battle the rains - some massive storms moved through our area just yesterday. I'm starting to read about local farmers battling problems like tomato blight due to the excess water as well.

H spent a week out of town, which sent me into a tizzy of Must Stay Busy with the little guy. It was exhausting, but mostly successful with playdates and pool/splash park/beach visits where the weather allowed. And Daniel has sort of settled into his Tae Kwon Do class and seems to be enjoying it. Standing still and minding the teacher are new concepts - but good practice for preschool in the Fall. He even earned a "stripe" on his belt for doing a front snap kick!

H's return sort of coincided with Daniel's getting a summer cold, however, and it is just the slightest bit crazy-making for me. He is beside himself with the runny nose, screeching "My nose!" every 2.3 minutes and needing it wiped. Which is leading to a sore nose, naturally, of which there is no cure. Horrible Mommy that I am, I'm eventually just walking away as the din wears at my patience and he allows no comforting.

ALERT! Potential potty breakthrough! He just interrupted my writing to say that he needed to go use the potty! This is a HUGE departure from my begging/pleading/cajoling/bribing him into trips to the potty. I'm off to see what's up in my bathroom... Happy August everyone!